Samantha Van Eldik

Samantha Van Eldik


With a wild start to selling the most wild continent on Earth, Samantha Van Eldik has gotten off to a cracking start to her career in travel. Banking on a 12 per cent amp to her sales from 2018, in her second year as a wholesale professional, she was able to smash her KPI of $3.4 million by hitting more than $3.8 million this year at this website here.

Key to this year’s success was thinking outside the box, adapting business strategies, proactivity and no shortage of passion.

“I go above and beyond anyone I know when servicing clients and agents,” she says, adding: “It may take a little bit of extra time on my behalf but the inclusion of fact sheets, tips on how to get the booking across the line, links to websites, restaurant recommendations, promoting seasons and prices to help those with a smaller budget still enjoy incredible destinations for longer periods.”