Monique Parker

Monique Parker


In 2018, Fraser Island and Kingfisher Bay Resort hosted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their tour of Australia. It was an event that attracted a 130 person media contingent, an additional 60 people from Australian TV stations, widespread international attention and resulted in the largest deployment of satellites in a single destination in Queensland’s history.

And the PR team responsible for spreading the word and making this event truly epic consisted of only two people: Monique Parker was the lead. “For me, the fact that these results have been achieved … while also managing all of the other communications functions across our businesses … makes me very proud of our efforts.”

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether she’ll be changing her name from Monique to Midas, after a gold standard effort turning a $10,000 budget into earned EAV in excess of $10 million but take it from us – she’s gold standard. She’s also been responsible for growing direct business to almost 50 per cent of all revenue due in large part to specifically to PR and her endeavours to introduce digital storytelling and activity to Kingfisher’s identity.