Leisa Davis

Leisa Davis


With honest-to-goodness service, attention to detail and true bloody grit, Leisa Davis is the epitome of a gold-standard travel professional. As a full-time consultant come owner and manager of three Central Queensland Helloworld Travel stores, she boasts the numbers to prove it – with a portfolio valued above the national average, with preferred sales at 94 per cent – and the dedication to own it.

From arriving to work at 3:00am to bring a widow home from a tragic trip to Bali, to waving clients onto their flights and welcoming them home, Davis is not only tireless in her duty –working 70-plus hours a week – she’s also entirely client focused. “I treat my clients with absolute honesty, respect, integrity and genuineness,” she says, adding: “Attention to detail is absolutely paramount to me.”

In 2018, Davis saw her personal figures grow just shy of 25 per cent higher than last year; she also purchased her second store at Gladstone and, early this year, her third in Rockhampton.