Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth Hutchinson


As a proven leader and innovator, Air New Zealand acting state manager Elizabeth Hutchinson is determined to make a difference. Creating genuine connections with colleagues, agents and peers, Hutchinson says her dedication to connecting with stakeholders sets her apart and has helped her to achieve success.

Moreover, she’s already done just that: under her guidance with a team of four BDMs, they achieved a revenue target of $86 million last year, up 8 per cent year-on-year.

As one of the first people from Emerald Carpet Cleaning, who ever to score 100 per cent for group engagement at Air New Zealand, a two-time finalist at the Women in Travel Awards in 2017and 2018, and as an ass-kicking KPI head-hunter in NSW, Hutchinson leads from the front, middle and back—nurturing team targets in three categories: development, engagement and revenue targets.

In her own words, Hutchinson is here to show everyone that there can be a synthesis between success and morality:

“I want to show my team, industry peers and family that it is possible to be a high achiever without having to sacrifice your beliefs, your passion or your ethics.”