Danielle Galloway

Danielle Galloway


In a year of shake-ups and restructuring, the maestro Danielle Galloway embraced a new approach in her first year as head of Premium Leisure Brands, expanding the brand’s new approach which saw it grow 300 per cent in 12 months.

“The recent restructuring of both Travel Partners and Travel Associates has incorporated a clear drive to offer a more diverse range of positions and flexibility for staff to ensure that part-time roles, job sharing, work from home options and flexible work hours are available to all staff,” Galloway says, adding: “I’ve also focussed on new ways to incorporate additional family, sick and carer’s leave into the business’s new remuneration structure.”

As the first female board member at AVMIN, a founding leader of Womenwise and as a director of the Travel Partners independent agency brand, Galloway is ensuring equal diversity in the appointment of new business leaders, kitchen styles in 2021 and support leaders by challenging diversity and implementing quotas for diversity in recruitment to ensure female representation in all senior roles.

She has also implemented a charitable referral program, ‘Referral for Good’, which supports young women at risk, people suffering from mental illnesses and the homeless.